Helsinki Program

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NOTE: The attendants should bring their own laptops to the event, and download the needed data sets and programs before the event (for further details, please see the links below).

Thursday 8.2.2018

Time 12:00-16:00

Venue: Metsätalo, Sali 19 / Unioninkatu 40


12.00 Opening words and practicalities

Professor Anu Lahtinen, Finnish and Scandinavian History, Helsingin yliopisto

12.15 Talk

Mats Fridlund & Petri Paju: Introduction to Digital History as Method & Field

12.45 Demo

Tero Aalto: Digital Methods in Language Research

13.15 Demo

Mirkka Danielsbacka: Digital and Quantitative History


13.35-14.15 COFFEE


14.15 Demo

Henri Hannula: SoundToll Online project as a methodological tool in research early modern economic history

14.35 Hands on workshop

Mats Fridlund: Doing Digital History 1.5. using Swedish and Finnish digitized newspaper archives

16.00 Cocktails and refreshments, Coffee room of the History dept, Topelia, Unioninkatu 38


DAY 2 / Friday 9.2.2018

Time 9-14

Venue Soc & Com, ATK 110, Unioninkatu 37

9.00 Hands on workshop

Mila Oiva: Topic Modeling (Based on Jo Guldi´s work)


app.10.30- 11 COFFEE


11.00 Demo

Virva Liski: Long-term and intergenerational effects of Finnish Civil War 1918 – Research outline

11.20 Demo

Ilkka Jokipii: Data collection, design and utilizing register databases: practical methodology

11.40 Hands on workshop

Johan Jarlbrink: Network analysis with Gephi

13.15 Henri Hannula: Closing Remarks