Doing Digital History 1.5 using Swedish and Finnish digitized newspaper archives

Mats Fridlund

This workshop will give an introduction to the possibilities and problems of using the new methodological and conceptual historical text mining practice that online digitized newspaper & journal archives make possible for historians without any programming skills. The source materials used are the Finnish Digi – National Library’s Digital Collections with more than 12 million pages in primarily Finnish and Swedish from 1771-1920 available on and the National Library of Sweden’s (KB) Svenska Dagstidningar with about 2 million pages in primarily Swedish from 1714-1901. The workshop gives an introduction to how these sources can be used for a systematic historical research practice, what systematic strengths and weaknesses the respective digital archives have as source materials and how the results can be analyzed and visualized using separate standalone and online applications such as Wordle.

Before the workshop, please:

  1. Make sure that you have access to a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or online spreadsheet application like Google Sheets. This is to be used for handling downloaded search data from
  2. Make sure that you can use the application on by click ’Create’ and copy-paste some text into the box and create a word cloud by clicking ’Go’. If you copy-paste the text abroad describing this workshop, the resulting word cloud might look something like this:


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