Symposium programme published: Digital History in Finland III

Welcome to the 3rd Digital History in Finland symposium at the University of Turku on Friday 30 November 2018. This is a continuation to two previous gatherings organized in Helsinki in 2015 and 2016. After a two-year break, Digital History in Finland III aims at bringing together historians who today work on different problems in digital history. The idea is to build an up-to-date view on what is happening in the field in Finland and to meet other scholars interested in similar questions. To offer a broad overview of present research, the symposium consists of the short presentations.

Program details, including abstracts, and information on venue can be found here.

The symposium is organised by the Digital History Work Group of the Finnish Historical Society in cooperation with the Turku Group for Digital History and the (- this our -) project From Roadmap to Roadshow: A collective demonstration & information project to strengthen Finnish digital history (funded by the Kone Foundation).

All those interested, Welcome!


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