Digital History Finland Workshop & Anthology

Are you a historian interested in starting digital research, but don’t know where or how to start? Have you got an idea for your first DH publication, and you want to learn how to collaborate? If yes, this workshop is designed for you!


We invite doctoral students and researchers in historical disciplines from Finnish universities to Aalto University to submit paper proposals for a two-day digital history workshop, aiming at joint publication as an end-result. During the workshop, the participants will together with a method specialist and an established scholar do the digital analysis for a small project of their interest. After the workshop, the participants will write a 10-15 page article, based on the analysis done at the workshop, which will be published by the end of the year in a joint peer-reviewed edited special issue or anthology.

The workshop will take place in Otaniemi, Espoo on Wednesday-Thursday May 16-17, 2018.

Before the workshop, the participants will prepare their projects and the used sources. During the workshop they will, together with invited advisors and digital technology researchers, do the digital research part of their project in which they require the most help. After the workshop, the participants will have four months to finish an article manuscript based on the computational analysis done in the workshop.

The topic of the individual small research projects can be anything with relevant research questions from the point of view of historical disciplines. The only prerequisite is that the project has to involve the use of a digital analysis method such as text analysis (topic modeling, collocation analysis, etc), network analysis, or GIS visualizations, but the participants can propose also other relevant digital methods to be used. The participants do not need to know how to do the digital analysis by themselves, but they need to understand the basic idea behind it, and what kinds of research questions the method works for.

The sources need to be digital/digitized and polished before the workshop, so that the time of the workshop can be used for doing the digital analysis. If the participants are unsure how to pre-process their sources, in what kind of formats they need to be, or what kinds of preparations they will need to do before the workshop, they can indicate need for help at the application form, and the organizers will help them before the workshop.

The idea of the publication is to give an overview of the different ways of doing digital history research in Finland, and the topics covered. The organizers aim at an open access peer-reviewed edited volume in a good quality academic publisher.

The deadline for submitting the ready 10-15 page articles for peer review is September 15, 2018. The articles can be written in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

The organizers will cover the travel costs, accommodation and meals of workshop participants who are PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers. We expect to be able to cover the costs of approximately two persons from each university. We accept also applications of senior scholars, but their costs can be covered only as exceptions (please, indicate at the application form). The organizers expect to be able to secure enough funding to pay a small grant for some of the participants. The decision upon funding will be done based on the article drafts that the participants will submit in two weeks after the workshop.


Please, apply for participation in the workshop and the publication project by April 23th, 2018 by filing in this form.


Further information:

Mila Oiva ( & Mats Fridlund (


“The Digital History Finland” workshop is a continuation of the Roadshow on digital history research methods, organized in January-February at the Universities of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Eastern Finland, Turku, Tampere and Helsinki and part of the research project “From Roadmap to Roadshow” funded by the Kone Foundation and led by Professor Mats Fridlund at Aalto University.




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